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Bee keeping kind of adopted me, 2 years ago, when a swarm of bees chose my lemon tree as their home.  In these 2 years, I have learned to love, and respect my bees.  Their honey has been a seeet blessing for my efforts, also.  

So, two years ago when I realized I had a colony of bees in my lemon tree, I found a Bee keeping store and bought a Langstroth style hive.  I had no clue what I was doing, or getting into!!  Thank God for a kind man, named Dale, who overheard my conversation with the salesman in the beekeeping store. Dale could tell by my questions, I was ignorant about keeping bees.  He introduced himself and answered some of my questions and offered to help me and my husband move the bees into the hive, and like any logical woman would do, I took him up on that offer.  He has been the best bee mentor for two years now.  

Fast forward to this past weekend. I opened the hive, to harvest honey, and found a hive beetle.  I also realized this hive was just too many bees for my yard.  I live close to the beach, in charming mid century home on a small lot.  Oh, and I have neighbors all around me. 😊.  Like any good Mama, I needed to choose what was best for my babies.  Bee babies that is.  I called Dale, he came and agreed they needed a bigger yard, and told me this type of hive is more industrial, and shouldn’t be used in an urban small backyard.  He said he tried to tell me this two years ago!  I do have a tendency to learn the hard way at times.  😬.  The point or moral to my story is a small yard needs a smaller hive.  There is a smaller hive, a test project, in my future.  It is a hive Dale is developing, just for an urban gardener like me.   This bee mama isn’t giving up, just getting smarter, and the bee journey will continue.  

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Artist, Screen Printer, Flower Arranger, Gardener

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