Studio Mama's

Urban Gardening by the Sea


_S4U_Mlulh88DSrbOkWXJGnilIl_WmM7XBooStIX_gc Studio Mamas – my home and garden by the sea. It’s a place to create beauty, and get dirt under your fingernails!   

Hi I’m Jill!  Flowers make my heart sing!  I’m happiest with dirt under my fingernails, or ink/paint on my hands.  I am blessed to live in a lovely Southern California beach town, where plants love the climate.  My mid century home and yard, have been my sanctuary and place to create, remodel, redecorate,  garden, cook and raise our kids.  I’m a wife, a mom (to 2 grown kids), a gardener, and a tea addict.   

Studio Mamas got it’s name from my artist/calligrapher daughter, Jenna Rainey of Whenever she would create her artwork, at my home, she called it Studio Mamas.  The name stuck!

As you can see I’m a screen printer, and floral stylist, too.  

Studio Mama’s is a place that cares for orphans and women.   All profits from my screenprinting and floral styling work, go to help women being freed from sex trafficking and orphan care. (see Samaritan Creations and Gateway Via)

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Profile Photo by: Morgan McCarty

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