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Gallery – Flowers

The Art of Flowers:

I am a lover of all things involving flowers.   I have gardened my whole life and love the beauty that surrounds me when my garden is in bloom.  This has translated into my style as a floral designer.  Garden inspired florals is my game.  If you want your event or wedding to be lush and beautiful with flowers, contact me.  I would love to help you bring your floral dreams to life!  Here are a few photos of my work.

Lush June Wedding:
Photos by Meghan Kay Sadler

IMG_2909IMG_2906IMG_2817IMG_2811IMG_2907 IMG_2908 IMG_2910

Vibrant Spring Wedding:

IMG_2759 IMG_2757    IMG_2763 IMG_2761 IMG_2760

Spring Wedding:


photo by



Styled Shoot:

Florals and Prints

Photos by

meganjeanne_moden_valentine-54 meganjeanne_moden_valentine-72 meganjeanne_moden_valentine-18 meganjeanne_moden_valentine-64meganjeanne_moden_valentine-67

September ’13 Wedding:

Image 1 Image 2IMG_2180IMG_2181 IMG_2178ImageImage 2

Fall Stylings:

IMG_2246 IMG_2155IMG_2335




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